"Ghosts Along the Trace"

The Natchez Trace Parkway,

a 440 mile idyllic drive through Mississippi,

Alabama and Tennessee, follows the original Trace, an ancient trail used by animal and humans.

Remnants of the past which still exist 

are the true ghosts of the Trace.


All things have memories made of smoke and mirrors and 

   jumbled wisps of the past.

Heading 2

"All Seriousness Aside"

Old cars have personalities to me. I look at them and they become fantasy images, almost cartoon characters.

I have also created a children's book based on these images

available through Amazon at:



"What Remains"

Old and often dilapidated cars and

buildings have always fascinated me.

They tell my stories of what they might have been. Their beauty fascinates me. 

"What If?"

Compositing is a love of mine. I wanted to go beyond the real and add an element of the unexpected.

2017 Helen Johnson