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I am a photographer who has lived in New Mexico most of my life and the biggest part of my photography is based here. This land, with all its marvelous diversity, gives me a huge canvas to draw from: its natural beauty, ghost towns, and discarded vehicles provide me with a huge pallet from which to work.

The stories suggested by my surroundings lead me to create photos that express what my imagination sees through the camera's lens. Compositing  gives me the vehicle to make many of my final images, some realistic and some fanciful.

Lately I have been experimenting with more abstract and stylized work.

I have had images in numerous venues:

ANMPAS (Annual New Mexico Photographic

         Art Show)

InSight (an all-women's photography show)

Shades of Gray (black and white show)

Image New Mexico

In the Mind's Eye

18 Days

New Mexico Cancer Center

Presbyterian Hospital Family Care Center

New Mexico Magazine

National Atomic Museum STeAM Show

I have also been a judge for the following:

InSight (all-women's photography show)

New Mexico State Fair Photo Division

Albuquerque Photographers' Gallery Vision


National Atomic Museum STeAM       

        Photography Show

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